Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Time Again!

We went to Vienna for Christmas with some friends and had an excellent time!

Here we are at one of the Christmas markets eating sausage and drinking Gluwine.

Later we walked over to this awesome grocery store - Julius Meinl.

But they call themselves a Coffee Roaster.  Whatever.  It was incredible.  All these gourmet food items just calling out to us, to eat, drink, and be merry!

And of course there were pigs.  I never new how much Europeans loved pigs.  It's funny, and they're everywhere.

We were in Vienna for a few days and while we were there we were invited to dinner at our friends, friends house.  It was really nice.

And of course while we were in Vienna we went to the Schonbrunn palace.  This is my favorite sight seeing place in Austria.  So far.

While we were there Sammy practiced his artistic photo taking practices.  Which turn out pretty good!

And here is my artistic photo.  One day I'm going to have to take classes.

And here is my love muffin.  We were both freezing our buts off!  This is the first time we actually had snow during our Christmas holidays in 5 years of chasing the snow!

The Hotel Sacher - they are suppose to have excellent coffee and cakes.  FYI - this is more of a tourist trap.  It took us 3 trips to Austria to finally get here and we really didn't miss much.  Cafe Central is MUCH, MUCH better.

During our Vienna adventures we went to a monastery outside the city.  Yasuyo and Graham took us because they make wine.  Very good wine.

Here is the Monastery in the back ground from outside.  And my artsy rendition of the photo.  I just hit the Sepia button! Ha ha ha!  But it looks better than it did in color.

Before we left Vienna we had dinner one more time at Karin's.  It was a mini wok night where everyone cooked their own stir fry in a mini wok in the middle of the table.  We loved it and are thinking of getting a set for ourselves.

Next stop...Budapest where I was sick as a dog!